D-BOX GEN5 Motion System 4250i


G5 is a brand-new design of the D-BOX haptic system that brings considerable improvements and that is setting the ground for the future.

The new generation leads the way for a major price reduction.

G5 is factory ready for most electric configurations. The system supports both 110v and 230v at the flick of a switch.

New compact design means less cable management and easier mounting of control unit. Easy connection of the actuators to the rest of the system ensuring a simpler and faster setup.

Up to 4 actuators can be connected to a single Haptic Bridge.

Same precision and robustness that D-BOX is renowned for.

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Included in D-BOX motion packages

Haptic Bridge

USB A to USB B Cable

10” USB extension cord

Power Supply

Plug Lock Insert

Mounting screws

Haptic Actuators with RJ45 wires pre-inserted

Power Cables

‘’Y’’ Splitter 4

Non-Captive Endings

Quick Start Guide for Generation 5 Haptic Systems