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RaceBass 2x Isolators + 2x Plate + 2x Brackets


8 RaceBass Isolators, 8 Brackets, and 2 Plates per package.

This pack contains

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RaceBass Isolators:

- Tactile vibration performance enhancement.
- Isolation supports for RaceBass plate offer high performance in isolation capability.
- Utilising high resistance spring, stainless steel, and neoprene rubber components.
- Enhances the effectiveness of felt sensations by reducing vibration transmission into the cockpit base.
- Increases the felt energy and improves the detail of your transducer's generated effects.

8 RaceBass Isolators per package


- A steel plate to mount transducers under your seat.
- Allows mounting 1-2 Clark Synthesis TST and 1-4 Buttkicker-LFE or Buttkicker-Concert transducers.
- Has slots to mount profile on each side to accommodate seat brackets or sliders.
- Has 4 holes for RaceBass Isolators.
- Designed to fit lowered inside or above a 40 series chassis with a 500mm wide inner frame width.  (eg. SimLab P1/X)
- Mount holes for Buttkicker LFE / Buttkicker Concert / Clark Synthesis TST
- No installation material included (screws/washers/t-nuts)
- Plate dimension: 490mm x 530mm

2 plates pre package.


- A steel mount to support RaceBass Isolators.
- Mounts to 40 series profile and allows for 1cm adjustments in height.
- Can be flipped to submerge the RaceBass Plate if desired.
- Uses M8x16 bolts to attach to 40 series profile.
- 11.7 x 11.2 RaceBass side.
- 9.1 x 11.2 rig mount side.
- No installation material included (screws/washers/t-nuts)

8 brackets per package.