Simtag Ashley Hydraulic 3-pedal set

8-10 weeks

ASHELY will be based on the floor-mounted TILTON 600 3-pedal unit and WILWOOD hydraulic brake master cylinder. TILTON pedals are used in several race cars and ensure the highest grade of immersion and pedal adjustment. WILWOOD parts simulate the feeling of a real race-car brake, thanks to the modern design of the hydraulic systems. Pedal inputs are measured via BOSCH and ABB automotive sensors to guarantee the highest precision. ASHELY runs the new GRENADE System, a hydraulic push cylinder designed and produced by SIMTAG.

Currently no stock, but product available for PRE-ORDER

- Race proven automotive technology
- Tilton 600 forged aluminum 3 pedal floor mount assembly modified by SIMTAG
- Bosch automotive throttle position sensor and pressure sensor
- Cosworth automotive dust and moisture proof connectors for maximum reliability
- Plug & Play electronics
- Adjustable resistance via the ‘Grenade’ adjustment cap
- Adjustable brake pressure via True Drive (Simucube 2) or USB controller
- Adjustable Tilton pedal pads
- Individually adjustable pedal angles
- Fully optimized for strength and weight using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
- Fixed balance bar, manufactured by SIMTAG, enabling precise pedal control
- PTFE coated aluminum clevises for increased durability and reduced friction
- Oil-impregnated bronze bushing at pedal pivots
- SIMTAG hydraulic push-cylinder (GRENADE)

- Pedal Option 1 - D-SUB 15 Simucube 2 (prepared for rally shifter and for handbrake)
- Pedal Option 2 - LeoBodnar USB (prepared for rally shifter and for handbrake)