D-BOX GEN3 Motion System


D-Box Gen 3 Motion system is the latest version of their market-leading standard for the racing simulation industry.
With the introduction of the GEN 3 system, a couple of key improvements were made to the overall kit expanding even further on the leading-edge and immersive experience D-Box has to offer.

A typical D-BOX 4250i kit consist of 2 ACM control units, a master version and a slave version. Each of these are wired with 2 Actuators making a total of 4. The KCU unit is needed for controlling the D-BOX setup. Brackets needed for installation on the P1-X cockpit are included.

Power Socket
Currently no stock, but product available for PRE-ORDER

Included in D-BOX motion packages

- Actuators
- ACM Control boxes 120V / 230V
- KCU Controller
- P1-X adaptable bracket set for Actuators and control boxes