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If you are serious about sim racing, you will know that a good set of pedals make all the difference. But if you are looking for the very best in simulator pedal technology then look no further than the Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Pedals Ultimate.

Constructed from strong and durable materials using advanced design and manufacturing techniques such as CAD, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CNC precision laser cutting, the pedals are beautifully engineered to create the most authentic look and feel.

Each pedal features a load cell to provide a true linear output in relation to the pedal input. This provides unrivaled accuracy and durability as, unlike regular rotary potentiometers, they do not wear out over time. On the throttle and clutch pedals, the load cells work as positional sensors whereas the load cell on the brake pedal measures the pressure put on the pedal.

However, unlike the Sim Pedals Pro, each of the pedals in this set feature adjustable hydraulic damping. Using an all-enclosed hydraulic damper, the Ultimate version is able to accurately simulate the feel of real race car pedals without the need for hoses and master cylinders. For both the brake and clutch pedal, the damper adds resistance depending on the speed that the pedal is pressed or released, whereas the damper on the throttle pedal resists speed at the ingoing stroke. The advantage of this lies in smoothing the throttle application as is used on some real race cars.

Featuring custom developed 12bit USB electronics, each pedal is able to deliver an instant and accurate response to the drivers inputs to allow for a greater amount of control over the car.

Both the throttle and clutch pedals feature adjustable pedal travel from 10° to 20° on the throttle and 14° to 24° on the clutch to allow the user to customise the pedal to their specific requirements. Also featured is "soft" pedal end stops to provide a quality feel without being too noisy when in use.

Throttle: The throttle pedal is highly adjustable for travel, pre-load and spring stiffness. The hydraulic damping also improves the smoothness and accuracy. Please see the "Pedal Force Graphs" tab for a chart which displays the pedal travel and the associated force required for the various different levels of adjustment available.

Brake: The brake pedal features a dual stage braking system which includes a coil spring to simulate the gap between the pad and the disc before progressive rubber springs take over to provide the firmness that you would expect from a race car pedal. This firmness can be adjusted by selecting from 10 different rubber stack heights. The dual stage combination is capable of providing a maximum pedal force of 136kg which requires around 36x more effort compared with consumer grade pedals. This amount of braking force allows the driver to improve their braking ability through the use of muscle memory which improves accuracy and consistency.

Clutch: Just as real clutch pedals become lighter after they pass the clutch bite point, so to does the clutch pedal in the Sim Pedals Pro. A regressive spring mechanism allows you to adjust the effort, travel and feel to suit your requirements. Like the brake pedal, the clutch pedal is capable of delivering a force far in excess of regular consumer pedals with a maximum pedal effort of 45kg. This can also be adjusted to provide a lighter feel if required. A graph to illustrate this is available on the "Pedal Force Graphs" tab above this description.

Overall, it is the attention to detail which really impresses with these pedals. During the design process, mathematical models were used to calculate the pedal travel and operating force. This allowed for a great amount of accuracy when predicting how each pedal would feel in all of the available configurations.

Alongside the pedals themselves. Also included is a USB controller for connection to a PC, to which each of the pedals are connected, which houses a load cell amplifier. It also features connectors for 12 buttons and 4 regular analogue axes to allow for the connection of additional hardware including button boxes, shifters and rotary switches.

These pedals are available as a 3 pedal set, or 2 pedal set for those not requiring a clutch pedal. A single clutch pedal is also available for converting a 2-pedal set into a 3-pedal set at a later date.

All of this means that you can focus on improving your lap times and winning races, having the confidence that you will never be let down by your pedals again. 



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