Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate


Due to the high brake load which the Sim Pedals Sprint is capable of producing, having your pedals securely mounted to your rig is very important. With up to 65kg of force being available from the brake pedal, this can cause the pedal mounts on some rigs to flex or even break over time. This is where this baseplate comes in.

- Strengthens pedal mounting platform and reinforces the pedal mounting area
- Height adjustable heel plate with 20mm and 40mm spacers included
- Multiple pedal mounting positions so your pedals are mounted in the perfect position

Designed to reinforce the pedal mounting area, the baseplate allows the forces exerted through the pedals to be distributed more evenly, while strengthening pedal mounting platforms in the process. This comes in the form of a 6mm thick underlying frame to which both the pedal and heel plate are attached.

When mounting the Sim Pedals Sprint to the baseplate, there is a degree of lateral adjustment available in determining the pedal spacing. This allows for optimum positioning for the driver.

The heel plate can be adjusted for height through the use of spacers which sit between the plate and the underlying frame. There are two different spacer heights included, 20mm and 40mm. This provides a much more elevated positioning.

There are six mounting points on the brackets underneath the pedal and heel plate to allow for plenty of mounting options when using aluminium profile, to create your own drilling template for your rig.

The Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate is only compatible with the Sim Pedals Sprint and will not work with Sim Pedals Ultimate.



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