Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint 3-pedalset


The Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Pedals Sprint set new standards for simulator pedal systems and are a worthy successor to the highly acclaimed Sim Pedals Pro which they replace. As well as sporting a new look, the Sprint pedals have had a complete overhaul in every aspect.

- Provides up to 64kg/141lbs of braking force with a custom made load cell
- SmartControl software enables you to set up your pedals exactly how you want them
- Lightweight and compact design to enable you to fit them to a wide range of simulators
- Custom made throttle and clutch spring which provide the best pedal feel
- New brake load cell detection mechanism which features a smaller lever actuated load cell sensor

Each pedal benefits from a compact design to allow for fitting in a wide range of simulators, from off-the-shelf home systems to fully bespoke rigs. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the Sim Pedals Sprint are capable of a large range of adjustment for mounting on a number of different angles depending on your particular application. They can be angled from -25 degrees, which is slanted backwards, to -5 degrees which is leaning slightly forwards. This allows for a comfortable pedal position for most seating positions.

The throttle pedal features a spring which has been custom made to the specific requirements set by Heusinkveld and is adjustable for travel, pre-load and spring stiffness. This provides the very best in pedal feel along with improved reliability.

The brake pedal has undergone some major changes, particularly in the form of a new load detection mechanism. Rather than having the pedal acting directly onto a large load cell sensor, the new mechanism features a smaller, lever actuated, load cell sensor which is capable of providing up to 64kg/141lbs of braking force, that is 9kg more than the old Pro Pedals. This load cell is also custom made to Heusinkvelds own specifications and can be set by the user for the amount of braking force required.

The pedal also features a 2-stage braking system which simulates the pad-to-disc gap as felt on real race cars by utilising an additional metal coil spring. For further customisation, the brake pedal is supplied with several rubbers which have a compound that is unique to Heusinkveld. This allows for a greater range of brake stiffness settings to suit your requirements.

Just as real clutch pedals become lighter after they pass the clutch bite point, so too does the clutch pedal in the Sim Pedals Sprint. A custom designed spring allows for a more prominent concave feel pedal curve for even better realism.

The bearing and pivot systems for each pedal have had an overhaul with a view to greater reliability and wear characteristics. The new solutions reduce metal-to-metal friction and play in the pedal arms. The end result is a pedal which feels as tight and accurate after many years of heavy use as it does straight out of the box. Each pedal has uniquely designed end stops at both the resting and fully depressed ends of travel, this not only improves the reliability, it also makes for quieter operation.

As part of the compact new design, the electronics are enclosed within the brake pedal rather than a separate control box. Simply connect the throttle and clutch pedal to the brake pedal which, in turn, connects to the PC with a single USB lead.

Once you have connected your pedals to your PC, you can then use the powerful SmartControl software to set up your pedals to just how you want them. Within this software, you are able to configure non-linear pedal output curves, deadzones and brake pedal force. You can even create multiple profiles, so if you wanted a less sensitive throttle pedal for wet weather conditions, or change the bite point of the clutch for a specific car, you can set this up and switch between them with the click of a button. What’s more, all of this can be done without having to recalibrate the pedals in your chosen software. There are several pre-set profiles already included with the software, but you can tune these to your own requirements.

The Sim Pedals Sprint are available as a 3 pedal or 2 pedal set for those not requiring a clutch pedal. A single clutch pedal is also available for converting a 2-pedal set into a 3-pedal set at a later date.



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