Ascher Racing Mounting Bracket for Push-Pull Rally Shifter


mounting bracket for push-pull rally shifter


  • mount/ unmount shifter quickly to switch between push-pull shifter and “regular” shifters
  • very stiff design – no loss in precision due to flex
  • highly adjustable mounting bracket
  • 0° – 30° angle
  • 9mm axial adjustment
  • +- 12mm radial adjustment
  • recommended rim size: 300+ mm
  • inner mounting slot to be used without Q1R/ slim steering shaft extension

wheel base

  • MiGE 130-Series / AKM 5X-Series / Lenze MCS12-Series
  • Fanatec CSW (length: “standard”)


  • wide range of lengths available to suit your assembly
  • “standard” recommended for a wheel rim with Q1R and without button plate
  • additional lengths for dished rims, button plate, steering shaft extensions etc.

connection cables

  • 2m cable to external USB controller (0.1” Jumper connectors) -> HE pedals etc.
  • 2m cable to SimuCUBE -> connect directly to X12 SimuCUBE external connector
  • 0.4m cable to Fanatec CSW -> connect directly to SHIFTER2 port

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