Simucube 2 Ultimate Direct Drive simulator steering system



Abundant 32 Nm of torque and maxed-out torque response rate is at your disposal at anytime. Ultimate is based on Austrian made maximally dynamic industrial motor optimized for simulation. It's equipped with a 24 bit resolution Hiperface angle sensor to be fully utilized by the most advanced signal processing unit seen in simulators.


- SC2 Ultimate wheel base

- Power supply with EU PSU cable
- Cables
- Stop button + quick release

Currently no stock, but product available for PRE-ORDER

Ultimate exclusively comes with advanced fine tunable signal processing to make the experience as personalised as humanly possible. This model was designed with "only the best is good enough" mindset.

Simucube 2 Ultimate is our tribute to the Ultimate drivers.

Technicial Specifications

  • Simucube Wireless Wheel support – Yes

  • Simucube Quick ReleaseYes

  • Torque reconstruction processing – Yes

  • Static force reduction – Yes

  • Natural damping, inertia and friction filters – Yes

  • Ultra low latency mode – Yes

  • Adjustable torque slew rate limit – Yes

  • Non-linear force saturation – Yes

  • Super Fine tuning filters — Yes

  • Factory Calibration – Unique multi torque cogging + ripple (certificate included)

  • Max torque – 32 Nm

  • Max torque slew rate – 9.2 Nm/ms

  • Angle sensor resolution – 24 bit

  • Torque Off button – Premium

  • Power supply – 1000 W

  • Physical size – 115 x 115 x 310 mm

  • Fixing holes – 9mm dia x 4 pcs. through hole

  • Screw bolt pattern dia – 130 mm

  • Flange centering hole dia – 110 mm

Used by the following Simtag Ambassadors:

Luca Engstler
 (Hyundai WTRC Driver)
Nick Catsburg (WTCR Hyundai and BMW factory driver)
Augusto Farfus (BMW and Hyundai factory driver)
Martin Tomczyk (BMW factory driver)
Mike Rockenfeller (DTM Audi factory driver) 
Dries Vanthoor (Audi factory driver) 
Laurens Vanthoor (Porsche factory driver) 
Charles Weerts (WRT Racing driver)
Carrie Schreiner (Professional racing driver)
Tony Kanaan (IndyCar driver)
Kelvin Van der Linde (Audi factory driver
Benjamin Lessennes (Professional racing driver)


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