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Cube Controls was founded in 2016 by the passion for motorsport and gaming of the two founders Fabio Sotgiu and Massimo Cubeddu. The founders realized that the market lacked products that had in all respects the same characteristics and materials of real racing cars.
The maniacal attention to detail led the Team directed by the designer Massimo Cubeddu to the first prototype of the Formula steering wheel.
This first product has introduced new solutions and new designs on the gaming market directly from real motorsport.
The magnetic snap action paddles with HALL technology, created a new standard that guarantees a unique feeling and reliability over time.
All components are made of CNC machined aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength resin offering a customization never seen before in the market.
No shortcuts have been used by the R & D team to look for the compromise but only the search for maximum performance.
In 2018 At CES in Las Vegas we presented the new version of the Formula steering wheel upgrading it with the backlit buttons (absolute novelty on the market) and the new paddle system adjustable in reach and extension, new graphics and new CNC machined knobs.
Not only the formula, at CES a new range of GT is presented, which incorporates the same technical and performance characteristics that distinguish the new Cube Controls standard on the Formula.
2019 and Cube Controls goes even further forward proposing new graphics, new colors, modifying and improving the products.
Two different sized have been introduced on the Formula rim, to accomodate drivers with different hand dimensions.
Gaming finally has a customizable product as it does to a real Formula One driver!
Cube Control is redefining the concept of quality in Sim Racing

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